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1.8. Capitalisation of results

The territory of Forli will capitalize results of co-marketing project 2007-2009 "Frequenza d'Onda" and realization of the English version of the brochure "Modern Itineraries - Fascist architecture in the district of Forli" distributed at a London Fair in March 2008. It will also capitalize the interregional project of touristic development called ITER on the realization of an interregional network of cultural itineraries linked to the modern architecture , Cultura 2000 - project "Living Ways in Europe", 2004-2005. Province of Forli-Cesena will utilize results of a Culture 2000 project focused on ways of inhabiting.Institute of Construction and Architecture-Slovak will benefit from methodologies of "Culture 2000-Modern Movement Neighbourhood Cooperation: Modern Concepts of Living and Work. Search for Interconnections in Architecture of 4 Localities. The Institute will also benefit of Register of Modern Architecture created by the Department of Architecture. The University of Ljubijana is working since many years, as educational and research subject, on the so-called rationalist architecture of the 1920' and '30.The Municipality of Tirana has gained a remarkable experience with the implementation of the "Return to Identity" project and investments, which restored old communist and fascist building in the city centre. The University of Florence, which is also scientific consultant of the Municipality of Forli in the same field, has collaborated with Tirana.


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