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1.7. Target groups/ stakeholders involvement

Due to the multilevel & cross-sector characteristics of ATRIUM, the target groups & stakeholders are belonging to various spheres of activities & disciplines: from the fields of urban planning and restructuring (at all levels of governance) to tourism sector (destination management, marketing etc.), heritage management, research and education (libraries, museums, universities) and community work (e.g. teachers), including non-governmental organizations. There is a need for a better understanding, valuing and promotion of community heritage as a part of tourist attraction of the cities/regions. This goal will wholly be achieved only when all stakeholders will cooperate closely between them; thus there is a strong need for cooperation between experts in different topics and establishing a cooperative mechanism as a platform for exchanging ideas and good practices (effective networking and cross-fertilization beyond the partnership) and hence positively influence the decision making process. TARGET GROUPS/END USERS: policy-makers in a broader sense (politicians, administrators, officials); managers and staff of cultural institutions; managers and staff of tourism bodies and regional/local development agencies; architects, scholars. Main outputs/results usable: wise management manual; digital cataloguing; cultural-tourism products. STAKEHOLDERS: representatives of Tour Operators, travel agencies, regional/local cultural associations. Main outputs/results usable: digital cataloguing; cultural-tourism products. Both the groups above are being reached by means of the communication strategy foreseen by the WP2 (conference press, interviews on radios and TVs etc.). In particular, the end-users and stakeholders are also involved through the forums, training seminars and workshop (WP4,5,6).


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