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Study trip Dimitrovgrad

Zhenya Aleksandrova

The 4th transnational project meeting in the frame of ATRIUM project was held between 27th and 30th November in Bulgaria. After the end of the meeting in Sofia which was held in the National Palace of Culture, on 29th and 30th November has been organized a study trip to Dimitrovgrad. Our guests were delegations from three countries – Italy, Hungary and Romania in the face of the representatives from the Municipality of Forli – Claudia Castellucci, Ognjen Tomic, Cristina Mazzotti, members of the Scientific committee – Prof. Ullisse Tramonti and Prof. Alexandru Beldiman, representatives from the Szechenyi Istvan University of Gyor - Tamás Horváth and András Veöreös and the representative of the Metropolitanate of Moldavia and Bukovina- Archidiocese of Iasi

Damian Costel.

The program of the study trip on 30th November started with a meeting in the building of the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad with the Deputy Mayor for the international cooperation and programs Mr. Rosen Kuzev. During the meeting the guests had the possibility to discuss the upcoming Association of the ATRIUM Municipalities. They were provided with materials that promote the history, architecture and culture of Dimitrovgrad. Their visit continued with a tour around the first case – study in the ATRIUM project – City center of Dimitrovgrad. At that time in the center was arranged the retrospective exhibition called “Dimitrovgrad – before and now” and project partners had the chance to see how Dimitrovgrad changed through the years. The walk around the City center continued with a visit of the Historical museum - Dimitrovgrad where the delegations became acquainted with the history of the “youngest city in Bulgaria” which had its 65th anniversary in 2012. There was a short overview of the brigade movement in Bulgaria during the totalitarian regime and due to which movement Dimitrovgrad was built being untill nowadays so emblematic for that type of regime. The delegation also saw how has the everyday life through 50’s and 60’s looked like in the exhibition called “Life through 50’s and 60’s years of the XX centuries in Dimitrovgrad”. After the visit in the Museum there was a visit to the plant “NEOCHIM” PLC-one of the biggest in Bulgaria in producing fertilizers, organic and inorganic chemicals. There our guests met with the Chairman of the Municipal Council – Mr. Stefan Dimitrov and discussed the potential of the plant for becoming a part of a route for the industrial heritage of that period.

The study trip continued with a walk in the park “Penyo Penev” – the second case – study of Dimitrovgrad, dedicated to the poet Penyo Penev – emblematic for the ideology of the regime and the only one park included from the 11th countries in the frame of the ATRIUM project as a heritage of the totalitarian regimes. The trip finished with a quick pass through the third case – study which Dimitrovgrad has – “Treti Mart”Boulevard. The urban development complex of “Treti Mart” boulevard is a living evidence of state planning in the epoch of totalitarian rule and development of society, and its ideas of that time. The site bears the characteristic features of the “socialist period” and of the world tendencies in urban development as a whole.

During the study trip and during the little time that we had in Dimitrovgrad tried to show to the partners the whole potential that Dimitrovgrad has for being a part of the ambitious ATRIUM project.


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