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Monument to the Fallen

The monument is one of the most symbolic works realized in Forlì during the Fascist regime; it is an exemplary model of communication designed to symbolize and recall a glorious past. Its location was decided based on a far-reaching urban vision that imagined Forlì as a city of considerable size and importance (even though  the grand project - seen in the first image in the present file - would never be realized). Also of particular interest are the high reliefs on the plinth, carved by Bernardino Boifava, and the Victory at the top, a bronze sculpture by Benedetto Morescalchi. The Monument to the Fallen appears in all guidebooks on Forlì and is one of the images of the city that visitors remember most and it is a distinctive feature and the completion of Viale Mussolini; it therefore represents an important part of an open-air museum itinerary along the road.


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