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Case-studies identification and description in a trans-national survey

Ana Xhilaga

Working package 3 was successfully completed and its goals implemented with the collaboration and contribution of project partners, the Scientific Committee and the responsible partner – the National institute of immovable cultural heritage, Sofia.

71 emblematic architectural case studies of the regimes in the territories of project partners were identified, studied and compared in a scientific research – the Transnational Survey.

The Survey enables all partners and other relevant stakeholders to acquaint with the scope, cultural and historical potential of the totalitarian architecture in the region of ATRIUM countries. The Survey is in pdf version, in English, and can be downloaded from the ATRIUM web site.

As a parallel work a promotional product was implemented – a brochure with basic description and graphic information about the presented architecture by each partner country. Brochures were produced in English and all national languages. Each brochure contains a CD with the electronic versions of all case-studies templates, electronic brochures in all languages and the survey.

As a final step in WP3 Forum Media took place in partner countries. Its purpose was to raise awareness of ATRIUM project, its goals and first results. The feedback from these first forums was different in project partner countries due to different attitude towards totalitarian heritage.

It will be interesting to see if/how feedback will change after next phases of the project.


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