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The Dissemination and Mainstreaming Strategy (DMS) has been planned to spread - through the tools envisaged - the new produced knowledge, messages and Cultural Route to the local communities, stakeholders and citizenship, with a special focus on innovation and content of the economic impact. The strategy aims to involve those actors (local, national and international) that can have an impact on the policies and on the practices able to reinforce cultural tourism as a tool for sustainable economic development. The project will implement a combined dissemination strategy addressed to a diversified targeted public: policy makers, stakeholders, tourist operators, scholars, civil servants of local institutions, local SMEs, media experts, and social actors in order to successfully achieve the project results. D&M activities will stimulate the awareness for project findings and will have the potential to impact positively on different kinds of policies and on the media. Thanks to the transnational approach of the action and the involvement of stakeholders from 11 different countries and 18 partners, the proposed strategy will guarantee the transferability of the results to other target groups, sectors and geographical areas. Indeed, the D&M activities are a crucial element for the project's success and these actions will be developed across and throughout its implementation. The DMS will apply the rationale of the following methodology: a) identification of the message(s) to disseminate/mainstream; b) identification of the target audiences with reference to the message(s) envisaged; c) identification of appropriate tools to achieve the target audiences; d) elaboration of an Implementation Program in order to make the DMS operational. It will be a process implemented throughout all the lifetime of the project.


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