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A thematic Cultural Route (acknowledgeable by Council of Europe and then included into the Atlas of Cultural Routes) will be designed. At present, a specific cultural route devoted to the architecture of the totalitarian regimes of the XX century doesn't exist. Due to the controversial topic treated and its current dramatic symbolic value for many people, this cultural route is expected to have a great impact on people, media, stakeholders of the South East Europe and Europe as a whole. On the other hand, part of this architecture, moreover that featured by rationalist concepts in 1920s and 1930s, has often a relevant artistic and architectonical value. Linked to this envisaged cultural route, some cultural tourism products (at least one per country) related to the heritage concerned will be designed and promoted towards specialized Tour Operators. The current experiences teach that the best effective cultural routes are those actively animated by economical and cultural stakeholders of the territories involved. The combined actions above are intended to achieve a clear and measurable economic valorization of the architecture concerned as well as foster new territorial services and jobs. For the achievement of this objective, the assistance ensured by the European Institute of Cultural Routes will be a key element. At the end of the project, the partnership will have at disposal an applicant dossier to submit to the Council of Europe for the acknowledgement of the planned Cultural Route. The above dossier will be submitted by a transnational promoting association that will be purposely established.


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