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Albanian and Italian architects brought in attention the entire architectural and urban documentation of the objects built in Albania from 1925 to 1943.

The professor at the Firenze Faculty of Architecture, Ulisse Tramonti, sees as very difficult the restoration of the buildings that belonged to the monarchy and Italian occupation period.

“The problems are many, and it is more difficult to restore modern buildings than ancient ones, due to some elements that are no longer produced. For Albania, the preservation of the Italian architecture must be a very serious issue, the most important part of your architecture”.

Prof. Tramonti hopes that the restoration of the Dajti Hotel will preserve all values and criteria of the cultural heritage.

“Adaptation is difficult, but I have seen a good project for the Bank of Albania. I hope that the character of the Dajti Hotel will be preserved, otherwise it would need changes in the entire boulevard architecture”, the expert declared.

Prof. Ulisse Tramonti was against the demolition of “The Pyramid”, which represents the communist period in the history of architecture, having an important significance for this reason.

“The Pyramid must stay, and this opinion is not only mine, but also a project in which are included all eastern capitals, in which I also am part of. Besides the fascist regime, Tirana has also known the communist regime. There are good chances for creating a cultural tourism with the works that have been built during these systems”, Tramonti declared.

This conference that was held in the premises of the Polytechnic University has been considered as very valuable by Albanian and Italian professors.

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