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House of Culture Velenje

This building was originally planned as the city’s cultural centre and has been used and maintained in this capacity to this day. Designed by the architect Oton Gaspari the House of Culture was opened to public in 1959. The basic volume of the building is high in design. The entrance is open towards Velenje’s main square, the north side towards the city creek Paka. The administrative building of the City Municipality of Velenje is directly opposite the House of Culture. Some interesting monuments (e.g. to casualties of the WW2 and the monument of Tito) are also located in the main square.

All walls of the building feature interesting graphical façade elements (perspective painting design). Two side staircases extend the building horizontally. The relief on the façade (by sculptor Stojan Batič) tells the story about the city of Velenje creation (“the sunny garden city created for the workers by the workers”).


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