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Under the guidance and validation of the Scientific Committee, in each area (city/region) involved in ATRIUM, case-studies of remarkable interest for the cultural route will be singled out (buildings, streets, places, monuments etc.) and described through a template conceived and prepared at trans-national level. The template will be accompanied by a grid of criteria for the selection of the case-studies themselves (architectonical and social relevance for the city/region, meaning and rate of importance in the city/region's history etc.), and by a guideline on which information, supported by pictures/images, should be provided by each PP. The selection of case-studies will carefully be done by each partner (via also involving local stakeholders and experts), because the case studies concerned will be the "material" on which the cultural route will be designed as well as the expected cultural tourism products will be prepared and implemented. The case-studies will then convey into a transnational report, that will allow a unitary vision (and comparison) of all them.


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