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1.6. Expected outcomes and durability

ATRIUM intends to give a contribution of European value to relationships, still not adequately solved, between culture & tourism (economy), two fields often managed & communicated separately within same administrations, as set out also by important study "City Tourism & Culture - The European experience (ETC Research Group, 2005). This ambitious & clear broad result will be pursued through following specific results: identification & documentation of at least 66 case-studies (6 per country) of architecture concerned; transnational survey presenting & comparing case studies & elaboration of graphic supporting materials; transnational manual of wise management, preservation, reuse, economic valorisation of architecture concerned; city/regional training seminars & forums to present & discuss, with stakeholders, manual above; digital cataloguing of objects & materials linked to architecture & epochs concerned, to be uploaded in a proper area of project web site; plan of a new transnational cultural route to be included into Atlas of Council of Europe; 1 transnational promoting association; pilot cultural tourism products effectively tested; transnational workshop targeted to specialised Tour Operators to promote cultural-tourism products; communication-dissemination plan (project website, web 2.0 communities, brand, brochure, etc). Long-term durability of results shall be ensured by activities of transnational association which will be established by ATRIUM to promote cultural route. Furthermore, the acknowledgment as Cultural Route will be best "guarantee" for widening & reinforcing of post-project activities. The association will collaborate with local promoter groups which will ensure citizens involvement as well as with research centres, universities etc. that will develop correlated studies & scientific activities. Finally, some local authorities (e.g. Forli, Velenje) have already addressed part of their budget to preservation-valorisation of this heritage.


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