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1.4. Methodological approach

ATRIUM is being implemented by following a logical framework of different actions, all coherently aimed at laying down the basis for setting up a cultural route on selected theme. First of all, PPs have singled out & analysed appropriate case-studies in their city/region of relevant witnesses of architecture concerned, in order to assess potential for their economic valorisation (WP 3). Once defined, the WP4 is entirely devoted to preparation (via consulting experts, specialised sources etc.) of a trans-national manual of wise management, preservation, re-use & valorisation of architecture of totalitarian regimes of XX century combined with training seminars (aimed at delivering findings & indications of manual itself). WP5 is focusing on digital cataloguing of selected items (via a common transnational format), in order to set up an online source usable both by specialists & a wider public. Finally, WP 6 is devoted to design a cultural route (to be inserted into Atlas of cultural routes of Council of Europe) and test new cultural tourism products based on economic valorisation of architecture concerned. All activities above are being carried out through active involvement of relevant stakeholders, through in-depth interviews & meetings,  through common transnational methodologies, tools (templates etc.) & work-groups, in strict cooperation with stakeholders of their regions/cities. The "bonding agent" among various WPs are WP 1 and WP 2 - having transversal and immanent functions in relation to the whole activity. Both written documents and on-the-field work are being used. Such methodology is constantly seeking active involvement on a cross-border level, as well as participation "from the bottom". The involvement of European Institute of Cultural Routes as head of International Scientific Committee  also ensures a wider methodological confrontation with other established European cultural routes.


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