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ReNewTown project “New post-socialist city: Competitive and Attractive” focuses on reducing the disparities in the quality of urban environment of the post socialist cities.

Evolution of the word economy in the last two decades, together with the transformation form socialism toward market and democracy in Central Europe have brought both – positive and negative - consequences for the urban areas. Post-socialist cities, particulary the former industrial ones have become the problematic areas. Estimation is that over 300 million people in CEE live in areas impacted

by socialist era. Close to 2/3 of them lives in cities and towns often with districts created and fast developing in socialist period.

The concept of the project comes from commonly shared problems of the urban areas in former socialist European countries: What to do with the post-socialist cities, particularly with the post-industrial districts inherited from the socialist era? And how to transform them to be more competitive and attractive for people and investments?

The urban areas with socialist burden face many social and physical problems deriving from low housing standards, unattractive appearance, excessive space usage and lack of local cultural and social events. The problems of city districts with socialist burden are affecting not only inhabitants of socialist depraved buildings, but also overall city image and economy performance. Areas with socialist burden can become attractive places to live and work in. ReNewTown project will provide practical knowledge on how to overcome the problems of these areas and take advantage of their specificity. Project aims to break down the negative stereotype of the post socialist space and reveal its hidden potential.

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